Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Tractors are Sexy

Oh Blog, how I've neglected you!

There is so much to catch up on, I'm simply feeling overwhelmed. Where to start?

To begin with, I finally bit the bullet and bought a VitaMix! But I don't regret a single penny I paid (rather like my MacBook Pro!) I don't even have to chop an apple into more than 4 pieces in order to blend it into my smoothies. Or my pancake batter. I make hot soup that is still considered raw and full of nutrients and enzymes. Homemade hummus is super easy and cheap. Yes, I will post pictures and recipes. Soon. (Someone had better hold me accountable to that!)

In other news, I'm now on the lookout for a large piece of earth (to borrow a phrase from the Secret Garden). And by large, I mean at least 25 acres or more. In a second-best case scenario (the best being what God already has planned--which we can't even imagine yet), a retiring farmer (or anyone, really) would donate said land to us and our compadres to support our cause and mission of communal farm living.

Strange concept, you might think. A commune? Farming? Like with overalls and cows? Sharing things with other people? I actually rather like it when people call us hippies. So go ahead, tell me how crazy you think I am......

The vision for our farm and what we will do there is constantly changing and evolving, but it's taking shape very quickly. And it's something that really excites me.

No, I don't think tractors are sexy and I will more than likely not be sittin' on a truck tailgate drinkin' beer every night in my daisy dukes. (Although Daisy Duke herself was pretty great...)

But I'm finding sustainable, green living something I am becoming passionate about. It's a respect for what the LORD has given us. How He desires for us to live in connection to the earth and with each other. How He designed our bodies to thrive in non-toxic conditions and consume whole foods for optimal health (for 120 years even!). It's all connected and it all works together so well.

He's pretty much the kindest Person I've ever met for giving us all of this.

I'm just saying......


  1. haha loved your new blog post. You'd still look really good on a tractor no mistake :)


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