Monday, January 4, 2010

Cleaning with Just Water

Apparently this was the Christmas of floor cleaning appliances. Maybe my Mom and Mom-in-law just assume I don't have a clean apartment (which, incidentally, is mostly true most of the time). Nevertheless, I was actually super stoked about my new vacuum cleaner and Shark steam pocket mop for hard surfaces.

So I took the Shark for a test drive. Here is my product review (for lack of a better term) and little pictorial explanation of how this contraption works......

This is what came in the box. Admittedly, finding a place to store all the extra attachments is a bit obnoxious. But at least they don't take up much room under the bathroom sink.

It comes with 3 different sized attachments: the 'normal' size, the extra large for correspondingly large rooms, and a triangular shape ideal for small rooms and (surprisingly enough) corners. The crazy, nappy purple one is for carpet refreshing and deodorizing.

Commence water pouring. How else did you think we were going to make some steam? I used the triangular pocket mop for our tiny little bathroom floor.

Once you plug it in and pump the handle down a few times it starts hissing at you and building steam.

Looks like my floor was thanking me.

Then you drop the filthy mop pockets in the washing machine so they are sparkly clean for next time.

Overall I was pretty pleased with my little Shark. Not gonna lie when I say I like not having to use (and pay for) toxic 'cleaning' chemicals.

I'm sure someone will leave a comment wondering just how spic and span this steam business can really make your floors. How do you know it killed all the germs Lori??

I don't know and I honestly don't care. Exposure to some germs and viruses on a more regular basis will build your immune system so it doesn't freak out when it comes into contact with them on a larger scale.

I just didn't want our friends leaving our house with dirty socks after walking over our floors.

So would I have purchased the Shark for myself? Maybe, maybe not. It does run about $100. But am I glad I have it? Absolutely yes.

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