Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Restaurant Review: Baja Burrito

This is not your typical chain burrito joint. It's a local, independently owned burrito joint that features local meats and healthy options.

And whoa, is it good.

Baja is well known in Nashville by the college scene and young crowd. It's located at the edge of the artsy and eclectic Berry Hill neighborhood, across the street from the 100 Oaks shopping center. Parking may be limited, but seating is plenty, especially if you don't mind sitting outside on the patio. 

And it's hard to miss. Just look for the dilapidated VW bug painted to look like an American flag out front. 

The inside matches the whimsy outside. 


I actually appreciate the fact that nothing here is polished or prissy. Most of the time the hole-in-the-wall joints have the best food. And this is definitely no exception. 

My choice for lunch: a basket of 3 locally sourced beef brisket tacos on corn tortillas with rice and black beans topped with pico, cheese, lettuce, salsa, cilantro, sour cream and cucumber. 

Yeah. I got 3 of those. 

So. Good. 

And so affordable too. My ticket was right at 6 bucks without chips or a drink. (Trust me, you won't need more food after eating those puppies....)

And just so you know....

As funny as that little notice is, I'm glad they do offer brown rice (which is gluten-free and less processed that the white variety). It would be great if that was the standard at all restaurants. 

And now to leave you with one last piece of Baja wisdom for your day:

When life makes waves...SURF! 

Want to visit? Here's the info:

Baja Burrito
722 Thompson Lane
Nashville, TN 37204

Or check out other reviews on Urbanspoon:

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