Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Grilled Cheese for Grown-ups

You know those days when you open the refrigerator and just stand there staring into it?

You're hungry. But you don't feel like taking the time to cook anything fancy.

You're not in the mood to throw together a salad. Or to snack on veggies & hummus. But that's all you see in the fridge.

This has (obviously) happened to me more than once. And I can almost guarantee you know what I'm talking about.

But inspiration hit me recently. I saw Ezekiel bread. I saw goat cheese.

And what more could a girl want, really? It's no secret that I love goat cheese. It tops the list of my all-time favorite foods (right up there alongside pineapple and lima beans).

And so I ended up with a Grilled Goat Cheese Sandwich!

You can't beat a good Grilled Cheese sandwich. It definitely brought back memories of slapping a couple slices of plastic American cheese onto slices of soggy white bread and popping it in the toaster oven. Ah, childhood...

At least I have a better grasp of nutrition these days!

In this case, I spread goat cheese on 2 pieces of Ezekiel bread, heated up some grapeseed oil in a skillet (just enough to cover the bottom of the pan), then placed the bread, cheese side up, in the oil to cook. Once the cheese got soft, I put the pieces together. Voila! Lunch in a jiffy.

Had I been to the grocery store prior to this bout of culinary inspiration, I would have also put in a fat tomato slice and some fresh basil.

Or served it plain with a big bowl of homemade tomato soup.

Ok, now it's your turn! What is your favorite healthy grilled cheese recipe? 


  1. I'm a big fan of apples or pears and brie in a grilled cheese. Or plain old American with tomato and bacon, but maybe that's not quite healthy :P

  2. Oh goodness--my grocery list just got longer. Apples, pears and brie sound incredible!

    And I'm not sure American cheese can actually be classified as real food, but I've certainly eaten my fair share of slices in the past. :-P I'll have to try that version with some cheddar, tomato and turkey bacon!

  3. yum! Basil and tomatoes are crazy good on grilled cheese. A little sprinkle of a hard cheese like parma on the outside of the bread while it grills gives the bread explosive flavor -crunchy cheese! Side question? Is grape seed oil better for you than evoo?

  4. Great idea with the parmesan--Trader Joe's has some unpasteurized parm that I've been wanting to get for pesto.

    Evoo is great for you--but you don't really want to heat it. It has a lower heat threshold than grapeseed or coconut oil and will oxidize (i.e. turn rancid) if it gets too hot. I stick with salad dressings when I'm using olive oil.


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