Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sunny with a High of 75

Yep, not only is it the title of a Relient K song that defined my sophomore year of college, sunny with a high of 75 was the actual forecast for the day here in Nash-vegas.

And what a glorious day it is!

I love being able to curl up in the blankets at night, then wear my fuzzy robe while I drink hot tea in the morning. But best of all, I like picnic lunches and being able to lay in the sun on a blanket in shorts to soak up some vitamin D!

Today's picnic lunch didn't require that I travel far. I just took a blanket to a grassy area right outside my apartment.

On the menu today? 
  • Organic brown rice pasta (from Trader Joe's) tossed with homemade pesto
  • Baby cucumber slices
  • Black bean hummus (from Whole Foods)
  • Orange bell pepper slices

The pesto pasta was especially quick and easy to throw together since I froze my pesto in ice cube trays when I made it a couple months ago. After it froze, I put 2 'cubes' in a ziploc bag in the freezer. Then I pulled them out today and mixed it with freshly cooked pasta! 

What are your favorite picnic foods? 

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