Tuesday, October 5, 2010

When Allergies Go Awry

Most people take it for granted that a change in seasons means their allergies will flare up.

Noses run. Eyes itch. Throats become sore.

But our bodies wouldn't require an immune response to a change in the weather (or to certain plants, etc.), if we didn't have so much immuno-compromising toxicity and/or deficiency in the first place.

(This is true of all diseases by the way.)

But, alas, through the course of my quarter century on the earth so far I have been exposed to a host of toxins (pollutants, chemicals, vaccines....) and have not always eaten so well (Yes, it's true, I ate cake for breakfast in college. On a regular basis. Warmed in the microwave no less.)

So when the fall made its debut this past week, my nose knew it.

I attacked the head congestion and drainage not with medications (which only cover over the symptoms and deposit more toxicity into my body), but by skipping straight to the root of the problem and boosting my immune system! My body fought it off naturally and became stronger for it.

Here's a rundown of what I did when my allergies went awry:

Garden of Life Immune Balance Sinus
Garden of Life is a top notch company. It was founded by The Maker's Diet author Jordan Rubin. And you can count on them to have the highest quality, whole-food based supplements out there.
This is a combination of vitamin C (from RAW citrus C blend), vitamin D3, wild crafted butterbur extract (supports sinus health & respiratory function), an herbal immune blend (of acerola cherry, angelica root, citrus bioflavanoids, elderberry extract, ginger root, lemon balm, & olive leaf extract), & a sinus enzyme blend of bromelain & protease.

Colloidal Silver spray
This is my go-to for a sore throat. It acts as an antiseptic & disinfectant. Colloidal silver is actually hotly debated in the medical world for its safety. I'm certainly not saying colloidal silver is a cure-all for every disease and doesn't have the potential to be risky if you use too much, but the medical world also says vaccines are safe.....
I give a spray of this stuff into the back of my throat 1-3 times a day when my throat is scratchy or sore.

When 70%-85% of your immune system is found in your gut, you want to make sure everything is in balance. This means making sure you have a healthy balance of beneficial bacteria. Since I took (many) rounds of antibiotics growing up, I know that a good portion of my probiotics have been wiped out.
I actually take probiotics every day to keep my immune system in check and my digestive tract in order.

Elderberry Syrup
This herbal syrup is a super immune booster. When I start to feel sick, I take a teaspoon full an hour before bed, then get a full night's rest to recover.

Axe Naturals Berry Greens Powder
This is something else I take every single morning. Greens powders are full of antioxidants, energy-giving green vegetables, detoxifying algaes, and even a extra boost of probiotics in this formula. Plus the freeze dried berries and stevia make it rather tasty actually!
I mix one scoop in about 8 oz. of water, stir, and drain it down. You could also put a scoop in a smoothie.

I also brewed up a batch of Bee Balm Mint tea using herbs grown on my balcony!

Bee balm (also known as Lemon Balm) helps open up your sinuses. Think Vicks Vapor Rub without the nasty chemicals or medication. 

I used a combination of fresh and dried bee balm leaves as well as fresh and dried mint leaves for the flavor. 

And there you have it! A detailed plan of action for the next time your allergies go awry. 

Do you have any other home remedies for runny noses, sore throats or itchy eyes? 

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