Saturday, February 6, 2010

I Do Not Like Them, Sam I Am....

Lately I've been on a "let's make all our food green in color" kick.

So when someone told me about this little trick, I was all about it. (I cannot honestly remember who told me about this, so if you did and you are reading this now, forgive me. And don't be afraid to write a scathing comment about how rude I am to rip off your brilliant idea....)

At any rate, here is Green Eggs and (not) Ham!!

For the green eggs, put a few eggs in the blender with a handful of spinach. Then scramble them like normal eggs, adding sea salt and pepper to taste.

When the eggs were mostly finished, I also crumbled in some goat cheese (yum).

We do our best to avoid pork (because while piglets may make stinkin' cute pets, they are dirty, dirty animals who eat dirty, dirty things. Not their fault, though. They weren't created for food anyway. Seems like God knew what He was talking about when told the Israelites not to eat them.....). So we eat turkey bacon instead.

Anyone have any more ideas for turning food green?

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