Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Eating Out with a Conscience

Since I've joined the crusade for getting back to our roots and living naturally, I've been impressed with how "green" Nashville is/is becoming. The organic, natural, local, free-range, grass-fed, recycle-able, compost-able, sustainable stuff is really catching on here in Music City.

Granted, "going green" can sometimes just be the trendy thing to do.

But I've seriously been amazed at the number of restaurants in particular that base their entire business model on these concepts.

So my goal is to find and try each restaurant that fits the bill in Nashville and review them here for you! If you've eaten at a particular restaurant before (or your sister's uncle's mother-in-law has and she talked to you about it), let me know.

I'm also totally open to suggestions. What restaurants do you know of that should be reviewed? What do you want to know about each one (origin of the food, taste, service, price....what's most important to you)?

So here we go! Write in your suggestions below....

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