Thursday, April 22, 2010

Nashville Urban Harvest

If you have been wondering what ever became of my CSA Debate about a month back, here is the final decision.....

Even though we really wanted to, we opted not to join a CSA this summer. The main reason being the necessity of putting up the money on the front end (darn those student loans taking all our disposable income....)

Instead, we decided to volunteer at the Nashville Urban Harvest on Saturday mornings in exchange for some veggies!

Last week we planted celery and potatoes. It's been a great opportunity for many things:
  • Learning more about gardening
  • Getting our hands dirty and actually DOING something
  • Meeting new people and making new friends
  • Getting some fresh air and sunshine
  • Supporting the local food movement
For me, it's just another way I can be about the business of redemption and restoration-restoring the people to the land and to good health. And restoring our connection to the Creator.

I couldn't think of a better way to start the day than by feeling the sunshine on my back, taking a deep breath of fresh, garden air, closing my eyes and thanking Jesus for His creation, then getting busy getting dirty!


  1. awesome. and i'm actually going to be able to go for the first time this weekend! but i guess you're going to audrey's shower? what will drew be up to?

  2. I wish I could go to the garden OR Audrey's shower....but we will be in Memphis this weekend.....and next weekend.....
    Think of us when you're doing yoga! :-P


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