Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Whole Foods is Tax Free on Tax Day

This, my friends, is good news.

Very good news.

This news from the Nashville Business Journal online really made a buzz on my bargain hunting radar.

Whole Foods Market is offering a 9.5% discount on everyone's total order on Thursday, April 15, 2010. This applies to both Nashville locations (in Cool Springs and Green Hills) as well as other stores in Tennessee, Alabama, North Carolina & South Carolina.

Granted, it's only 9.5%. But still. It's 9.5%.

On your whole order.

I consider it a pretty sweet deal. This means I can stock up on coconut milk (which is already the best deal I've found at any store on organic coconut milk at $1.29 a can).

I'll most likely also stock up on things from the bulk bin section!
  • Beans (Yes, they take forever to soak then cook, but they are so much cheaper and taste better this way. Not that I always follow my own advice.)
  • Brown Rice Flour (Naturally gluten-free and a great texture for baked goods like muffins)
  • Dried Fruit (Raisins, cranberries, apples, mangoes--all great for trail mix or snacking alone)
  • Cashews (I get most of my nuts from Costco, but they don't have cashews. They are tasty by themselves, or I'll make cashew butter in my Vitamix. Note: it's cheaper to buy the 'large pieces' instead of the 'whole cashew halves.' You're going to chew them up anyway)
  • Coconut Flakes (Great in smoothies or my favorite cookies)
A recent discovery: the Whole Foods brand organic frozen lima beans. I have a love affair with lima beans.

For real.

And dinner the other night was like a revelation. Again, the cans are super convenient, but the frozen variety are on a completely different level of amazing-ness! The freezer will be stocked come April 15.

I could also splurge a bit on some fancy cheese. Cheese is such a big weakness of mine. But when I can get it raw and unpasteurized, it doesn't matter!

What will you stock up on from Whole Foods?

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