Friday, July 30, 2010

Pillow Case Skirt

This is something I've been meaning to do for the longest time.

I took a sewing class from a fabric/crafts store and then proceeded to NOT sew anything for a solid 6 months.

But I finally got down to business last weekend and made a skirt from pillowcases!

I love the concept of using recycled materials instead of contributing to the wastefulness of consumerism at every turn. (Please note: I am a wasteful person too. But I'm working on it.)

I found these pillowcases at the thrift store on half off day. 50 cents each.

And the added bonus of pillowcase skirts? One less hem you have to sew!

That idea resonated with me because I was sure that my hem would be uneven and very un-pretty and it would discourage me from sewing again.

I followed these instructions to make my own simple pattern (fair warning: this is yet another website that unfortunately belongs in the Design Hall of Shame). I didn't want my skirt to be quite so flared, so I only added one inch to the bottom width measurements when their instructions called for 4.

I did remember one very important lesson from my beginner's sewing class--
Pressing your seams is the secret to making clothes that illicit a "Wow! You made that yourself?!?" response as opposed to an "Oh, you made that yourself, didn't you?" 
I'm looking forward to making more skirts, and potentially even dresses, from old t-shirts and fabric I find in the back of my closet or at the thrift store.

Do you sew? What are you favorite things to create with fabric? 


  1. I LOVE that idea!!! I saw your skirt when we hung out and I thought it was really cute! Great job :)

  2. sweetness! you and i have a bit to talk about i see... :-)

  3. Thanks so much Ashley! I had a lot of fun making it.
    And Mary, I'm certainly no where near your level!! But maybe you can give me some pointers ;-)

  4. Love the skirt! I once made a bunch of house dresses for a lady. Just one piece front and one piece back, even including the sleeves. Kind of like what you'd get on the home shopping channel. :) Anyway, it was her style and that's what she wanted. We used sheets -- and the sheet hem was the dress hem. They turned out well!

    Anyway, your skirt is super cute. Good job!

  5. Thanks Wardeh! That dress reminds me of a Princess Leia costume I made in college with a white sheet, safety pins and a belt!


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